The DVD Marathon

I have an ever increasingly voluminous collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays that I have been intending to watch. You know how it is – you are in your local entertainment retailer and you see a pretty nifty deal involving a bunch of films that ‘you’d been meaning to check out’. You pick them up at a bargain rate… then let them gather dust on the shelf, never to be opened.

I’m now approaching the point where I will run out of space to store all of the films I own on DVD/Blu-Ray. Before I can commit to clearing them out though, I want to make sure I have seen them all at least once. That is where this feature comes in.

The DVD Marathon is something that I shall be updating (hopefully) with some regularity. I am going to use it the chronicle my visual journey through my entire collection. I’ll be watching all sorts of films – funny, dramatic, factual, fictional, good, bad. If I own it, it is fair game.

At first, I shall probably just stick to feature films (Besides my classic Doctor Who collection, I have a few TV box sets), but I may expand upon it once I’ve finished (if I ever finish!).

I’m not sure what’ll be up first, but I shall write about it soon.


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