Third time’s a charm.

Let’s face it, my DVD Marathon really didn’t take off. Hell, it’s been nearly a year since I posted my review of Gremlins! So, while I’m not going to scrap the idea, I’m going to put it to one side. I hope to dip in and out of it throughout the year, working my way through all the DVD/Blu-rays I have been bought or have had lended to me.

I am going to change my main focus for this blog/site – well, at least for now  Inspired by Mike’s attempt at watching 150 films in a year, I am going to document all the feature films (at the cinema, home or elsewhere) for at least a year. I want to do this, partly to see how many I actually watch, but also to give me an excuse to get back into writing on a more frequent basis.

I’m not going to set a target, as I want to see how it comes out in the shake (I expect it will be around the 100 mark, with around 40-50 being cinema/DVD releases from the coming year).

So… let’s see how many I get through from now until 5th March 2017!



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