YOF#18 | The Visit: An Alien Encounter

the visit#18
The Visit: An Alien Encounter
DVD via Lovefilm

Around March time, the Fake Geeks team publishes its film of the year lists. As part of the prep for my own contribution, I keep a track of minor/unheralded releases that don’t make it for very long in mainstream cinema. These releases get added to my lovefilm/netflix/amazon prime video lists and, each year, I manage to get through a few.

The Visit: An Alien Encounter is one such release. I’d not hear of it, until I saw it on the official cinema release lists for January, and the only review I could find was a short piece on the Guardian’s website.

Made by Danish documentary maker Michael Madsen (no, not Tarrantino’s mate), this is a piece that investigates what the likely response from Earth would be should aliens arrive. How would governments/the UN react? What would they tell the public? Whose job is it to sort this all out?

I found it to be mildly interesting, if a little dry. A few slow-mo shots, and a decent score help keep things moving along, but it does feel padded – even at less than a 90 minutes run time.

Some of the talking head interviews are better than others and, while none of the opinions or protocols surprising, it is still a interesting film. However, it probably could have been better served as a one-shot 60 minute TV special instead of a more drawn out 80-odd minute feature film. [3]



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