YOF #38-42 | Independence Day: Resurgence, Now You See Me 2, Janice: Little Girl Blue, Star Trek Beyond, Batman: The Killing Joke

Independence Day: Resurgence

You can read the review over at Fake Geeks. In short, it’s a cliche-laden (but fun) sequel. [3]

Now You See Me 2

You can read the review over at Fake Geeks. In short, if you like/dislike the first one, you will likely feel the same about the sequel. Fun, though not quite as good as the original. [3]

Janice: Little Girl Blue
Blu-Ray via Lovefilm

You can read the review over at Fake Geeks. In short, a bit lightweight overall, but still a decent, compelling documentary. [3]

Star Trek Beyond
Cinema (IMAX 3D)

The third film in the rebooted/spin-off/alternative universe franchise sees the crew removed from the ship for the majority of the film. Idris Elba wrings out as much characterisation as he can from a relatively one dimensional villain. Sofia Boutella is really good as new character Jayla, and I hope she’s kept around for the next film.

As a Trek film, I think it’s still a little heavy on the action side. However, Simon Pegg has done a great job in moving the franchise, thematically at least, to one that much more resembles the source material. Karl Urban is finally given the script of someone that is of equal importance to Pine and Quinto, and they pretty much nail that the three of these guys are really goo friends (something that was sorely lacking before).

The story is throwaway and could come from any episode of a contemporary sci-fi (though, that includes Trek).

Basically, it’s less memorable from a set piece point of view than the two previous films, but nails a lot more of the smaller details. It’s a fun action sci-fi romp that is easily re-watchable. And funny. [3.5]

Batman: The Killing Joke

Along with four friends, managed to get tickets for a special showing of this yesterday. The adaptation receives mixed reviews from both fans and critics, but we all enjoyed it.

A few brief thoughts:

  • The Prologue was too long and not to the standard of the rest of the feature. However, we didn’t hate it (or even dislike it, really).
  • The actual Killing Joke part of the film was very faithful to the comic, realised well.
  • Mark Hamill was predictably great.

In short, it probably should have been just made as a 45ish minute shorter feature, than the 75 minute full length film we got. Still, we understood why the Prologue was here. Worth a watch. [3]