YOF #50-54 | Eye in the Sky, London to Brighton, A Beautiful Mind, Zootropolis, Kubo and the Two Strings

I’ve seen some flipping good films lately…

Eye in the Sky
Blu Ray

You can read my review of Eye in the Sky over at Fake Geeks. [4]

London to Brighton

I was lent this DVD years ago but only just recently gotten around to watching it. For those who don’t know it, it is a British crime thriller from 2006. It follows the story of Kelly (Lorraine Stanley) and Joanne (Georgia Groome) who on the run from some pretty despicable London mobsters.

It’s a great little film that never outstays it’s welcome (it’s only 80 odd minute and the pacing is spot on). The acting is impressive and naturalistic, and I liked how the gangsters weren’t the stereotypical kind seen in thing like Lock, Stock… etc. [4]

A Beautiful Mind

Another film that was lent to me some time ago that I’ve only just gotten around to watching. How did I manage to go the best part of 15 years without seeing this amazing film?

Pretty much everything is spot on, and Russell Crowe’s performance is near-flawless. [5]

Blu Ray via Lovefilm

On the whole, a really enjoyable animation from Disney. While the social commentary was a little on the nose at times, it was nice that there was a relatively interesting and relevant subtext to what is otherwise kids entertainment. It held my attention throughout, and had a handful of hilarious gags (particularly in the final third). A strong entry, on another year, this could have been in contention for animation of the year… [4]

Kubo and the Two Strings

Simon pretty much hit the nail on the head with his lengthy review over at Fake Geeks. I liked that this was more like a folktale than a run-of-the-mill schmaltz fest that animations sometimes end up as. All of the actions had realistic (in terms of the narrative) consequences. The voice acting is spot on, the animation is beautiful, the pacing is near-perfect (as is the tone). Laika seemed to have carved a niche for themselves, sitting somewhere on the spectrum in between Ghibli and Disney (with a dash of Tim Burton lurking nearby), and are all the better for it. The animation of the year, and a genuine film of the year contender. [4.5]



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