YOF #55-66 | Midnight Special, The Survivalist, Dog Day Afternoon, Trash Humpers, ARQ, The Propaganda Game, Inferno, Hush, Goodnight Mommy, Doctor Strange, The Invitation, The Dead Zone

Wow, it’s been a while since posted about the Year of Film list! As such here’s a whopper of a update.

Midnight Special
Blu Ray

This is another example of too many films I want to see coming out at the cinema at the same time. In the end, I picked this up on blu-ray after re-reading the strong reviews.

Briefly, Midnight Special is about a boy who has some kind of supernatural abilities, and he is being hunted down by both the the US government, as well as some kind of cult.

I thought it was a pretty enjoyable film. Cursiously, you sort of pick things up with them already on the run, and the audience is left to piece together bits of the story as the they go.

The acting is pretty solid throughout. The only gripe some may have is that, it is a little understated to be a thriller (it’s marketed more as a mystery, which is sort of more accurate). [3.5]

The Survivalist
Blu Ray

You can read my review of The Survivalist over at Fake Geeks. [4]

Dog Day Afternoon

I’ve had the DVD for a fair while now, and never gotten around to watching it. Thankfully, I have now rectified this.

Dog Day Afternoon is based on true events. When a bank robbery goes awry, the couple of perpetrators end up finding themselves int an impromptu hostage situation.

The tone is an odd one – it’s sort of played off as a black comedy – but it works really well. Al Pacino is brilliant (and the support cast is good too). A cracking film that I’d heartily recommend. [4.5]

Trash Humpers

According to wikipedia, Trash Humpers is an “experimental black comedy-drama horror”. What I can tell you is, it is atrocious and probably the worst film I’ve ever seen.

It’s meant to play like an old VHS cassette that you may have found discarded. And, well, I’ll give ’em credit – it does. However, it isn’t a compelling film, and the non-/anti- narrative structure makes it difficult to follow or care. [0]


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The Propaganda Game

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Goodnight Mommy
Amazon Prime

You can rea my review of Goodnight Mommy at Fake Geeks. [4.5]

Doctor Strange
Cinema (IMAX 3D)

The latest Marvel Studios entry is definitely one of their better offerings. Whilst not quite in the realm of Guardians of the Galaxy or Winter Soldier, there’s certainly a good argument to be made for it being the leader of the chasing pack.

The cast is really good; it’s probably the strongest support cast of any Marvel film to date. The story is solid, as is the script, and the visual effects are sublime (definitely go and watch this in IMAX 3D if you have the opportunity).

There’s only a few niggles. Odd bits of humour seem t ohave been crowbarred in (it mostly works, but there are a few scenes where the lines could have been delivered in a more serious tone). Also, while Rachel McAdams’ character shows some promise, she’s a little too absent from the back end of the film for my liking. Still, she gets quite a bit from the role. [4]

The Invitation

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The Dead Zone

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