YOF 2017 #16 – 17 | The Lego Batman Movie, War on Everyone

Continuing my quests to log (and briefly review) all the films I watch in 2017, here are my thoughts on the 16th and 17th films in the series: The Lego Batman Movie and War on Everyone.


Lego Batman poster.jpgYOF2017 #16 | The Lego Batman Movie

I originally posted a fll (if short) review of this over at Fake Geeks. You can check that out here.

In short, I found The Lego Batman Movie to be a fun hour and a half or so. There’s plenty of gags, references and quips (relating to the older entries in the Bat franchise and to science fiction in general) to keep adults invested.


War on Everyone.pngYOF2017 #17 | War on Everyone

Now this was a film that flew under the radar last year (despite managing to watch an astronomical amount of 2016 releases, I didn’t make it to this one).

However, thanks to my fellow Geeketeer Simon (aka MelmanPringles to you YouTubers), I had the pleasure of watching this the other week.

This black comedy / buddy cop film divided opinion (4/5 in Rolling Stone, 1/4 at rogertebert.com etc). For me, whilst the humour can miss a little at times, it nails it a lot more often than not.

It’s also worth pointing out how good the cast is too – it’s like a whose who of underated talented. Alexander Skarsgård (True BloodWhat Maisie Knew) has been a favourite of mine for a while, and Michael Peña (End of WatchAnt-Man) has impeccable comic timing that Hollywood is seemingly only now really realising. Theo James (The Divergent SeriesThe Inbetweeners Movie) is entertaining in a one-dimensionally written antagonist role, and Tessa Thompson (SelmaCreed) is solid in support.



It’s been a quiet year so far, but I’m hoping to ramp up the film watching over March – April time. I shall report back soon with more thoughts.


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