YOF #3 | One & Two

One & Two posterYear of Film # | 3
Title | One & Two

Released (Country of Origin) | August 2015 (USA)
Released (UK) | January 2016
Format Viewed | Blu-Ray via LoveFilm

Eva (Kiernan Shipka, Mad Men) and Zac (Timothee Chalamet, Homeland) are siblings with a secret – they can teleport short distances seemingly at will. Their protective parents Elizabeth (Elizabeth Reaser, The Twilight Saga) and Daniel (Grant Bowler, SyFy’s Defiance) have walled the family off from the outside world, living on 18th century style farmland. When Elizabeth becomes ill, events unfold that change all of their lives forever. 

One & Two is a film of two distinct halves. The first half is full of mystery and intrigue and, while its far from flawless, it is pretty good. Unfortunately the back half fails to live up to expectations. Instead of a potentially pulsating finale, we’re left with a poorly paced, cliched denouement. 

Shipka puts in the consistently strongest performance in her role as nominal lead, though only Chalamet really misses the mark occasionally. Without being outstanding, Bowler shows flashes of what made him such a great lead on Defiance

The film is gorgeously framed and shot – this is a beautiful picture; film and media students should study this as a great example of how attention to detail can lead an otherwise ordinary scene to becoming something more. 

Despite the decent performances and the exquisite cinematography, One & Two is ultimately a let down. It is merely watchable when it should and could have been great [3].

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